What is a Retainer contract? 


A Retainer contract is when a company pays a monthly fee in order to receive a service from our company to resolve any disputes that may arise in the workplace, rather than to pay for every time you use our company's services.

What services do we offer if you�re on a retainer contract

*     Screening on appointments of new staff

*     Setting up of disciplinary procedure

*     Setting up of company HR/IR administrative staff procedure

*     Addressing all Labour related issues whether internal or external.

*     Negotiating any salary renewals if applicable or annual bonuses if applicable or strikes and lockouts when in need of.

*     Chairing disciplinary Hearings.

*     Preparation of contracts/letters of employment and policy documents.

*     Responses to correspondence documents at CCMA-hearings and Bargaining Councils

*     Assistance with registration at the relevant Bargaining councils

*     Assistance and advice with retrenchments;

*     Conducting of negotiations with unions on behalf of employers;

*     Drafting of condonation and rescission applications;

*     Applying for exemption from Bargaining Council agreements;

*     Access to telephonic, e-mail and fax helpline to address urgent and other
labour issues;

*     Assistance to employers with regard to disciplinary hearings, warnings, dismissals,
retrenchments and unfair labour practice disputes;

*     Provision of documents, advice and assistance to comply with the basic provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

If you are interested please contact our offices today for a QUOTE.

(Each company will have a different quote, depending on the number of staff members as well as the companys needs)