This is a sub-division of general litigation, which can occur in either the Magistrates- our High Courts and in some instances, even make its appearance in the Small Claims Courts.
When a person or business owes you money or a service provider wishes to recover monies due to it, most often they will end up as parties in the litigation process.
This sub-division is generally referred to as the legal collections process.
Although commercial litigation is by no means limited to aforesaid process, it does make out a large percentage of such type of litigation matters launched annually in our civil Courts of Law.
Commercial litigation usually involves a dispute surrounding money, either directly or indirectly.
And since the inception and development of the global village concept, teamed with the development of electronic media, commercial law in particular has come face to face with the problem of potentially having to deal with multiple legal systems in the course of resolving a single dispute.
These days, with the ever expanding internet and the commercial- and other activities made possible by its unique nature, e-Commerce has forced quite rapid developments in a field which by tradition has been resistant to change and which in general evolved slowly over long periods of time.
Yet, these rapid developments are exactly what makes e-Commerce so exciting and cutting edge, insofar as such a thing is possible within the context of law.
And my blogs on commercial litigation will be geared towards explaining this new dynamic which has completely changed the way the world conducts business.