The business environment we presently find ourselves in is completely different from what was even the general state of affairs in the 1900′s.
Progressively more businesses are using internet connectivity to expand their business concerns in the current market.
In the process, the law has had to change in quite substantial ways to accommodate this shift and to facilitate a communication and information medium which up to very recently was not even considered reliable evidence in a Court of Law.
Yet, the reality is that a huge number of contracts are concluded on a daily basis between parties who have never met each other eye-to-eye and may even be situated on different continents of the global village.
So, now the question is: Where does traditional law stop and cyberlaw start?
The Law of Contract in particular is an adaption of pre-existing legal principles, adjusted to fit a new mould, i.e. the particular requirements set by e-Commerce.
I will be posting articles on a progressive basis covering most of the topics with everyday relevance to businesses and individuals transacting over the internet and by way of other electronic media.

Topics I will be covering is a.o.
(i) freedom of expression and the internet,
(ii) privacy and the internet,
(iii) electronic transactions,
(iv) criminal law and the internet and
(v) online consumer protection.