Is this causing havoc in your operation or giving you endless questions with no answers... well then stop right there and look at the following solutions!

We now have a dedicated qualified team to deal with all labour related disputes like the following:

  1. Mediation/ Conciliation (CCMA or Bargaining Council)
  2. Arbitration (CCMA or Bargaining Council)
  3. Disciplinary Hearings
  4. Wage Disputes
  5. Employment Contracts
  6. Domestic Contracts
  7. Retrenchments   etc
We will come to the comfort of your premises to act on your behalf in any labour related issue. This will mean that we will act as the independent party or try to have a solution or positive outcome without any inconvenience in your day to day operation.
Charing disciplinary hearings sometimes means that it could take a lot of your productive time and could cause unnecessary or wrongful understandings between the employee and employer especially if the outcome is a written warning and not a dismissal. Because of the complexity of the labour law the wrong decision on a hearing might cause your business unnecessary inconvenience.
Should you need to know more about any of the above then please contact our offices on the tab provided (left) and schedule an appointment to discuss this.