Human Resources

This is normally the heart of any business whether it being large or small. This is especially applicable in the event that you have employees that forms the basis of your workforce. This means you are now controlled by the LRA and BCEA. If you do not have a proper HR system in place this should be a great concern in your  business operation.

HR Package

We can supply to you a properly formulated HR package which we will be happy to install on your systems to assist you to manage your workforce as prescribed by law. This package will contain the following;

Ø  Employment contracts for both permanent and limited duration employees

Ø  Disciplinary codes and procedures

Ø  Application for employment

Ø  Warning documents

Ø  Notification of disciplinary enquiry

Ø  Suspension documents

Ø  Request for an appeal

Ø  Termination of employment

Ø  Exit interview

Ø  Certificate of service

Ø  Application for leave

Ø  Grievance document

Ø  Employment equity

Ø  UIF employment exit documentation

Ø  The labour acts

If you do not comply to any or all of the above please contact us today to discuss and to quote you to have this package installed on your system.


Human Resources Services

We have been in the field of HR for more than 15 years and we have the relevant resources and knowledge to assist you to set up your HR procedures, policies, etc.

We will further to this assist you to guide a new employee through the interim period of probation and to implement job descriptions, sales targets and guidance meetings with the new incumbent to ensure that a strong and proper work relationship is formed between the employer and employee.


HR Policies

Does your company have a HR/Disciplinary policy to guide the Employee. if not contact us today to assist you to write such a policy for your company's needs!


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us today to assist you with any of the above information.