Training on how to deal with daily disputes

Disputes in the workplace can become a factor that can or may interfere in the daily operation of a business and can become a huge frustration if the aggrieved person (Manager, Supervisor or any other senior member of staff) does not know how to deal with this or just does not have the energy and time to deal with it.

It has been established that a "minor" offense such as late coming or just poor time keeping can result in a frustration for the employer as the member of staff is continuously late for work and this is not cost effective.other more serious offenses is as much a frustration as the minor offenses as the question now arises "where do I start and what procedure do I follow" or "what if I follow the incorrect procedure and I am the cause for my employer to pay out money on awards made by the CCMA"

We at CA Labour Law present courses to minimize the effect of the frustration and attempt to assist the employer or his/her senior delegate on how to deal with issues such as 

  • What type of warning to issue for specific offenses
  • When is a dispute serious enough to be referred to a hearing
  • How to prepare for the hearing
  • Gathering of evidence
  • Ensuring the witnesses is equipped to testify
  • Preparation for matters referred to the CCMA
  • What to expect at CCMA,  etc

Courses may vary in terms of the need of the of the employer and Certificates will be issued 

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