With the body of Labour Law in South Africa constantly growing, it is hard for any employer to be 100% sure they are in full compliance of all Labour Acts all the time.

At CA Labour Law, our experienced Labour Law practitioners in Gauteng & KZN - will keep you and your company up-to-date and in full compliance with every aspect of the Labour Law.

We offer:

  1. Advice and help with Disciplinary hearings.
  2. Advice and help with Wage Disputes.
  3. Advice on setting up Employment Contracts.
  4. Advice and help setting up Disciplinary Codes and Procedures.
  5. Arbitration at CCMA or Bargaining Councils.
  6. Help with registering with your Bargaining Council. (A legal requirement).
  7. Help with setting up the correct Application for Employment.
  8. HR assistance and advice 
  9. Mediation/conciliation.
  10. Courses on how to deal with day-to day Workplace Disputes.

Due to the emotionally charged and legally significant nature of labour disputes and disciplinary hearings, it is advisable to have a legal expert on hand to help with the matter.

Our experienced labour Lawyers or Consultants can come to your premises act on your behalf in any labour related issue.

Keep your business compliant and protected and let CA Labour Law help your business based and Gauteng & KZN - running smoothly all year round.