Retrenchments should be a fairly straight forward procedure yet it is often the place where employers are hit with heavy judgements to reinstate or financially compensate employees.

CA Labour Law specialises in Retrenchment Advisory Services for businesses 

Our retrenchment advisory services will help you navigate the Labour Act and ensure that all proper steps have been followed.

Employers must prove the following:

  • The retrenchment is justified by sound and objective business rationale in complex labour markets.
  • If an employer is retrenching for financial reasons - they must prove the connection between their financial constraints and the need to retrench.
  • Employers must show why certain employees were retrenched and others as guided by legislation .
  • In other words, employers must be able to show what savings would be achieved by retrenching the selected employees and so on.

By ensuring things are done right from the start – and getting the help you need from a trusted retrenchment advisory service provider - your business will avoid costly mistakes.

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