When conducting a disciplinary hearing, it is critical to have representation from an impartial presiding officer (chairperson) who knows both the law and disciplinary codes - especially in risky labour markets 

 There are many examples where employees were awarded substantial financial compensation after inexperienced chairpersons said the wrong thing or failed to follow proper procedures at disciplinary hearings.

Now more than ever employers are asking for advice and representation from labour experts to help with their disciplinary hearings  If there is a chance the hearing can lead to a dismissal or a CCMA hearing it is imperative to do so.

At CA Labour Law we offer our clients in expert advice and representation during disciplinary hearings to ensure their companies remain legally protected.

We will make sure the accused employee has access to all legally required documents, is informed of their rights, and given the legally required amount of time to prepare their response.

We are also on hand to chair disciplinary hearings - and act as your representation in many other labour related matters

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