While Maternity Leave rights might seem straightforward, it is always advisable to get expert advice on the legal requirements of Maternity Leave to avoid accidently falling foul of the law.

At CA Labour Law we have years of experience in helping businesses across the board to comply with Maternity leave laws  -some of which are in effect even after the employee’s return to work.

As an employer you should know:

  • All female employees are entitled to four months unpaid maternity leave when they are pregnant.
  • Though maternity leave is not paid leave, you must ensure she is able to claim unemployment insurance benefits. She can claim from the UIF if she has contributed for more than four months.
  • Your employee must inform you in writing of the dates she intends to commence Maternity Leave and return to work in Pretoria, Centurion, Ladysmith, Kempton Park, Johannesburg and Gauteng.
  • You may not force a nursing mother to work night shift.
  • Under certain circumstances women who miscarry are still entitled to maternity leave.

If your business is based in Gauteng or KZN, give us a call today and lets us guide you through every aspect of your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer.