When is an employee entitled to take family responsibility leave? Is this leave fully paid? Is it part of their annual leave allocation?  

These are the questions our clients often ask when it comes to matters like family responsibility leave.

Knowing your rights as an employer will help you avoid stressful and costly workplace disputes.

At CA Labour Law we will guide your business through every aspect of the BCEA and help you comply with Family Responsibility Leave precepts such as:

  • Your employee is entitled to family responsibility leave if they have worked for you for more than 4 months and works at least 4 days a week.
  • The minimum amount of days allocated to family responsibility leave is three days per year and it is not part of their annual leave.
  • An employee cannot accumulate any unused family responsibility leave or carry it over to the next leave cycle.

Family responsibility leave can be taken in the event of:

  • The birth (for a male employee), death or illness of the employee's child
  • The death of the employee's spouse, life partner, parent, adoptive parent, adopted child, grandchild, grandparent or sibling.

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