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    With so many practitioners out there, choosing the right Labour Law Expert in Gauteng & KZN, can be daunting.   Here are what good Labour Law Experts –like CA Labour Law’s staff can, and should, provide for you: The L

    With the body of Labour Law in South Africa constantly growing, it is hard for any employer to be 100% sure they are in full compliance of all Labour Acts all the time. At CA Labour Law, our experienced Labour Law practitioners in Gauteng & KZ

    When conducting a disciplinary hearing, it is critical to have representation from an impartial presiding officer (chairperson) who knows both the law and disciplinary codes - especially in risky labour markets   There are many examples

    When is an employee entitled to take family responsibility leave? Is this leave fully paid? Is it part of their annual leave allocation?   These are the questions our clients often ask when it comes to matters like family responsibility leave

    If employer / employee relationships have broken down to the point where the CCMA will be involved, it is imperative that you get proper legal advice on how to deal with the situation. At CA Labour Law we will help you answer the following questio

    While Maternity Leave rights might seem straightforward, it is always advisable to get expert advice on the legal requirements of Maternity Leave to avoid accidently falling foul of the law. At CA Labour Law we have years of experience in helping

    Though most work-place issues can be solved between the employer and the employee, in more serious Labour Dispute cases either party can approach the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA). If matters have gone this far it

    If your employees form the basis of your workforce, you will need advice on how to comply with the South African Labour Laws. At CA Labour Law we can help your business  become fully compliant by installing our comprehensive HR Package on you

    Retrenchments should be a fairly straight forward procedure yet it is often the place where employers are hit with heavy judgements to reinstate or financially compensate employees. CA Labour Law specialises in Retrenchment Advisory Services for b

    In the economic climate that we live in and do business in we have no choice but to have the following information to our disposal. In the event that you need to appoint a new staff member it is standard practice to check the criminal record

    If you are looking to provide your department heads, managers or even HR managers with up-to-date training on South African Labour Laws , look no further. At CA Labour Law we will come to you premises and provide your staff the legal knowledge the

    HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR LABOUR EXPERT It is extremely difficult to find and choose a labour expert who suits your needs and who knows what he/she is doing due to the following possible reasons The lay business manager does not always know enough

    DISCIPLINARY HEARINGS AND PROCESSES The purpose of workplace disciplinary hearings is to enable the chairperson of the hearing to hear, from both sides, evidence relating to the charges against the employee. Part of the hearing of evidence is t